Wallhaven Tax, LLC


Business Services

The manner and extent to which our clients use “traditional” accounting services is in a constant state of change. While the need for record keeping assistance varies depending upon the client, the value of consulting, business planning and tax reporting continues. Why Wallhaven Tax, LLC?...

Business Consulting and Accounting

  • We help with the initial decision of business entity selection and assist in the development of a business plan
  • We offer payroll and financial accounting necessary to support income tax reporting
  • Careful attention is paid to personal estate planning and tax planning associated with the business enterprise
  • Tax Preparation
  • We prepare all types of business income tax returns: corporation, partnership, limited liability company and individual

Estate and Personal Accounting

As U.S. demographics and culture result in the dispersion of family and traditional support structures for the elderly and infirm, there is a growing need for services akin to a “family office” for clients of relatively modest means. We are available for record keeping, accounting and bill paying for individuals, trusts, and estates.