Wallhaven Tax, LLC


Estate Settlement Services 

With a proliferation of families planning for “probate avoidance” through the use of funded Living Trusts (and numerous other devices) and law offices straining under budgetary constraints on competent, full-time probate paralegal services and in-house tax management, a need exists to support the traditional goals of estate and guardianship administration. Why Wallhaven Tax, LLC? . . .

 Services Provided:

Information Gathering

We gather information on account ownership, date of death values and disposition requirements and report to the responsible Attorney, Trustee, Executor or Guardian


  We organize the data and financial records of an estate in order to better position the Attorney and family for accountings and decision making regarding the disposition of estate assets, payment of debts, claims and taxes

Tax Compliance

    We carefully coordinate tax reporting between estate tax returns, estate and trust income tax returns and personal income tax returns to obtain maximum savings


        We coordinate and offer advice and financial modeling of tax qualified plan distributions


Think of us as your "back office!"





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